Conference Venue

The Workshop was held at the University´s of Cantabria Tower C, (Casa del Estudiante complex), offering a pleasant scenario for debating and discussing.


The University of Cantabria – IIIPC

The University of Cantabria is a Spanish public university located mainly in Santander. In 2009 it was selected as Campus of International Excellence by the Government of Spain, while in 2013 it first appeared in the Academic Ranking of World Universities in the range of 151-200 best universities in the world in the field of Physics. The conference was supported by the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy.

The workshop was hosted by the Cantabria International Institute for Prehistoric Research (IIIPC), a research institution created in 2004 by the University of Cantabria and supported by Government of Cantabria and the Bank of Santander. Its covers four main research issues within Prehistoric Archaeology: Prehistoric Art, Palaeolihtic from Southwestern Europe, the Origins of Farming Societies, and Prehistoric Technology. The IIIPC research focus mainly on the Cantabria region (northern Spain), although it covers a large geographical range including the Iberian Peninsula, the Near East or Southamerica.

The city of Santander

Santander is located on the Northern coast of Spain, being the capital and the largest city of the autonomous region of Cantabria.